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Provides a platform for automation with code-first approach, with embedded batteries:

  • Tracing (journals)
  • Internal and user-defined API
  • Ultra-light but rich mobile-first UI
  • Embedded key-value storage

It is heavily inspired by node-red and aims to provide same enjoyment during development but without mess of nodes and connections for tasks a little bit more complicated than just hello world.

The platform also tries to be easy in deployment and maintaining. Code could be stored in a SCM (ex: git) and persistent storage is just a single file that could be backed up and restored trivially.

Because memory and CPU consumption relatively low a solution based on the platform could be launched even on Raspberry Pi Zero with 512MB RAM.

# Install

pip install binp uvicorn[standard]


from random import randint

from binp import BINP

binp = BINP()'/random', response_model=int)
async def generate_random():
    Generate random number in range 0 ... 1024
    return randint(0, 1024)

async def currency_rate():
    Fetch currency rate for EUR -> USD
    # go to external service
    euro = 1.3
    await binp.journal.record('rates fetched', base_currency='USD', euro=euro)

Save as ’’ and run it by


TIP: pass --reload flag to uvicorn to support automatic reload during development

It will expose

  • - UI and API
  • - Swagger docs for user-defined APIs
  • - Swagger docs for internal APIs

Peek 2021-02-08 17-27