Git Pipe

Hassle-free minimal CI/CD for git repos for docker-based projects.


How does it work

git-pipe does for you:

  1. Clone/fetch remote repository
  2. Detect packaging type
  3. Build package
  4. Restore backup (if applicable)
  5. Starts container(s)
  6. Creates proxy router
  7. (optional) Registers DNS
  8. (optional) Generates TLS certificates by Let’s Encrypt HTTP-01 ACME
  9. (background) Regularly creates backup
  10. Starts from (1) in case something changes in repo

Minimal working example

For installation from binaries:


Or for docker installation:

docker run -p -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock reddec/git-pipe


Check usage section for details.

Wait a bit to finish building and go to