Who am I

I prefer to call myself a multi-lingual professional with a focus on Go, Python, C, and Java developing.

I have been remotely working full-time in a distributed team on positions Senior Software Engineer, System Architect, and a Tech Lead.

Some highlights:

  • was a member of a team who is re-wrote from the scratch banking system including integration with exchanges
  • was an engineer and then grown as a team-lead in the biggest bank of Russia withing R&D, high-load monitoring processing, integration, and DevOps
  • while being an architect/tech-lead/team-lead, I and my team designed and developed from scratch backend system for crypto exchanges with expected performance 1M orders/second

I love ๐Ÿ’š contributing to open-source (https://github.com/reddec)

Primarily work remotely and fully independent.

I am always happy to hear different opinions and sure that even if I have wide expertise in such subjects then always will be new knowledge, new approaches, or other people who know something better (and itโ€™s great).

I can communicate in Russian, English, and a bit Tagalog (Taglish) and Chinese (Mandarin).

  • ETH: 0xA4eD4fB5805a023816C9B55C52Ae056898b6BdBC
  • BTC: bc1qlj4v32rg8w0sgmtk8634uc36evj6jn3d5drnqy