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## Who am I

I prefer to call myself a multi-lingual professional focusing on Go, Python, C, and Java developing.

I have been remotely working full-time in a distributed team with roles as a Senior Software Engineer, a System Architect, and a Tech Lead.

# Some highlights:

  • was a member of a team who re-wrote a banking system from scratch including integration with exchanges
  • was an engineer and then grown as a team-lead in the biggest bank of Russia; was involved in R&D, high-load monitoring processing, integration, and DevOps
  • while being an architect/tech-lead/team-lead, me and my team designed and developed the backend system for crypto exchanges from the ground up (with expected performance of 1M orders/second)
  • designed and implemented low-latency (~1ms overhead) high-available API gateway

I πŸ’š contributing to the open-source community (

I primarily work remotely; works independently and / or as part of a team

I am always happy to hear different opinions and believe that despite my wide expertise in such subjects, there will always be new knowledge, new approaches, or other people who know something more (and it’s great!).

I can communicate in Russian, English, and a bit Tagalog (Taglish) and Chinese (Mandarin).

If you find my projects useful – do not hesitate to give me a coin πŸ’š

  • ETH: 0xA4eD4fB5805a023816C9B55C52Ae056898b6BdBC
  • BTC: bc1qlj4v32rg8w0sgmtk8634uc36evj6jn3d5drnqy