Git Pipe

Hassle-free minimal CI/CD for git repos for docker-based projects.


  • zero configuration for repos by default
  • optional automatic TLS by Let’s Encrypt
  • optional automatic domain registration by supported providers


Provides a platform for automation with code-first approach, with embedded batteries:

  • Tracing (journals)
  • Internal and user-defined API
  • Ultra-light but rich mobile-first UI
  • Embedded key-value storage

Nano Run

A simplified version of trusted-cgi designed for async processing extreme amount of requests.

  • DevOps friendly - plain YAML configuration per subject
  • Low memory footprint
  • Can handle any size of request (limited by disk only)

Trusted CGI

Lightweight self-hosted lambda/applications/cgi/serverless-functions engine.

  • No specific requirements: just one binary. Working “as-is”
  • Rich API
  • Scheduler: run actions in cron-tab like style

Github Card

Custom element tag to show github repository

  • ultra light - 12KB without gzip (4.5KB - gzipped)
  • library agnostic
  • provides fallback if no JS available (or for old browsers)

Element Logo Generator

Generate nice and cute logotypes in periodic element style.

  • Build on SvelteJS platform - easy to embedded, lightweight and fast
  • Support SVG and PNG export
  • Support customization

Tinc Boot

Tinc-boot - is a all-in-one tool with zero dependency (except tinc of course), that aims to achieve:

  • one-line node initialization
  • automatic keys distribution
  • simplified procedure to add new node to existent net

Fluent Amqp

Fluent and easy wrapper over streadway-amqp API. Adds such features like:

  • Reconnecting. Will restore all defined infrastructure
  • Optional auto-requeue (with delay)
  • Signing and verifiying messages by public/private pair


Wrap syscall for get/set/clean and e.t.c environment and map values to/from Redis

Just-for-fun but could be useful in some real cases.


Light supervisor on Go (with optional Consul autoregistration)

  • Just a single binary file pre-compilled for most major platforms
  • Can be used as a Golang library with clean and simple architecture
  • Integrated with Consul


UDP Multicast messaging library

  • Supports pub/sub pattern with minimal network overhead
  • Plain POSIX C without dependencies
  • Customizable